At Home Brow Lamination

The at-home Brows Up Lamination Kit is here! This is the kit you didn't realise you needed in your life until now. Brows up allow you to create voluminous, full, feathery brows that are defined and natural-looking, all in the comfort of your own home. 

With our 4-step kit you can create the insta-ready laminated look in just 10-15 minutes: natural, fluffy and defined brows for 6-8 weeks.

Don't trust anybody with your eyebrows? Then take brow grooming into your own hands.  

You’ll also find that lamination can change the colour of your brows, so you’ll also need to tint them during the treatment. Hairs become more porous after lamination, so your eyebrow tinting timings will be different.




It’s essentially a brow relaxer, in the sense that we’re able to comb the brows in an upward or sideways direction and allow for the brows to stay up. You’re able to cover little gaps, little holes [in your brows] and achieve that super fluffy look. 

It is a very simple and straightforward process where firstly, the bonds in your brow hairs are restructured with a Lift solution. This will allow your brows to be brushed and straightened  into the desired shape using the brow tools. 

This solution can be processed under some glad wrap depending on how stubborn your brows hairs are. 

Then, the Fix solution is applied to reset the bonds in your brow hairs into their new, restructured shape.

You should always watch your brows while you are laminating and take note of the time each solution is left on for. 

Once you finish your lamination, brush your brows and set them into your desired shape. DO NOT touch them and let them settle in. Avoid wetting your brows and avoid sleeping on your face 25 hours after your lamination. 

 For any questions, head to our FAQ page. 









1. Use (1) Cleanser to remove makeup, skincare, or natural oils.

2. Apply vaseline around the eyebrow skin for isolation.

3. Apply (2) Brow Glue to the eyebrows.

4. Shape brows using the Brow Tools.

5. Apply (3) Brow Lift to eyebrow and shape using the Brow Tools.

6. Cover with plastic wrap to accelerate the processing time or if you have thick, stubborn eyebrow hairs.

7. Allow processing for 2 - 8 minute

------- Watch Brows ------

8. Remove (3) Brow Lift with the Y Comb. Do not rinse.

9. Apply (4) Brow Fix and repeat the same process as with the Lift. 1

0. Apply (5) Keratin Boost when brows feel dry. This helps to nourish and moisturise brow hairs.

Do not wet brows for 24 hours.

Brows will be set within the 24-hour timeframe.

Avoid touching and reshaping. Plastic Wrap is not included.