Future For Beauty

Unclogd's Future For Beauty 


Creating a more sustainable, more beautiful future.
Our mission didn't start off being at all conscious of the importances of being environmentally friendly. However, second round  of Unclogd we knew there needed to be a change for the better.
Beauty is one of the least regulated consumer categories. It is legal for companies to use chemicals known to be harmful, or that have never been evaluated for safety. Add to that the materials that are unsustainable or misleading, and there is a lot of opportunity for improvement. Unclogd does not to walk amongst the footprints effecting our planet. Therefore, our passion to change the way we operate our business-as-usual led us to define clean, and establish the highest standards in beauty retail.
Unclogd will be using packaging from post-consumer-recycled plastics.  We package our products with the planet in mind and have now scrapped the 'pretty' unboxing experience. Minimising the amount of wastage and adding 'reusable' where we can.
All of our printed materials are now from recycles paper. 
It’s all part of our pledge to become Zero Waste by 2022, in that all of our packaging will be 100% recycled, recyclable and hopefully reusable.