Product Information

Brows Up 

How long to wait between laminations? 
You can laminate your brows between 6 - 10 weeks after the previous treatment. Finer hairs should wait around 10 weeks. Please use you keratin boost.
How many treatments do i get out of the brow kit?
You will approximately get 10 uses inside one Brows Up Kit. This depends on how much product used in each lamination. 
What happens if i have an allergic reaction?

As with any new product that you try, we recommend a 24 hour patch test before using any product. If you think you have suffered from an allergic reaction, discontinue use of the product immediately. Allergic reactions are possible with any product, including naturally derived production. If you experience any redness or tingling you may return the product for a refund.


Will my eyebrows change colour? 
With any chemical solution applied to skin or hair may cause the hairs to lighten. This may of may not apply to you, some people just tend to have sensitive hairs. Straight after laminating is the best time to tint your brows. Hairs become more porous after lamination, so your eyebrow tinting timings will be different.

Does Unclogd offer tint? 
No we do not offer tinting solutions. 
Is Brow Lamination safe to use while pregnant? 
It has been proven that lamination can not cause harm during pregnancy. However, we recommend not to carry out this treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Mainly there are a number of hormone changes which include hair changes, it is impossible to predict the outcome. 
How should i store my Unclogd products? 
As with all cosmetics, we recommend storing your products in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. 
Does the laminate damage my brows? 
Since it is a chemical process, lamination sometimes damages some of the finer hairs in the brow leaving the brows looking frazzled. We need to condition and preserve our brow hairs as hair growth slows down as we age and we don’t know yet if repeated treatments will affect future hair growth.
Do your eyebrows go back to normal after lamination?
Yes. In 6 to 8 weeks they'll go exactly back to normal. And again, you're still able to comb them in the way you want during that time.
How do you sleep after eyebrow lamination?
For the first 24 hours following your treatment, we recommend avoiding any and all moisture, heat, steam (stay away from those cooktops), and sweating. For all of our stomach sleepers, it's also best to avoid sleeping directly on your brows as we don't want anything to touch the hairs.
Why did my brows go curly? 
Then a neutralising solution is applied to hairs to lower the Ph, which restructures hairs into it's new position. The problem is that aggressively raising and lowering the PH of hairs weaken them.
What should I not do before brow lamination?
Please do not trim, pluck, wax or shave the area for 3 weeks prior. Do so 24 hours after your lamination.
Why did my eyebrows not laminate the first time? 
Some eyebrows are just different from others. If you have thick, coarse hairs then you may need to process the solution longer or laminate them a second time.
If you are going to do a double process, do as following:
Apply steps 3 & 4 then repeat steps 3 & 4.
Make sure you watch your brows and check the quality of the hairs after the first round. 

Cracked Lip Rescue 

What is the Cracked Lip Rescue ingredients? 
Please head to our Ingredients Glossary page. The Cracked Lip Rescue contain multiple nut extracts. Please consider before purchasing. 
I am finding it hard to squeeze the balm out of the tube? 
Your Cracked Lip Rescue has been processed and packaged to avoid any cross contamination. Therefore, this process harder your product before use. Please remove your tube from the plastic wrap and run under hot water for a per minutes,  pressing on the tube to soften the balm. 

Shipping & Orders 

*Please Note: Due to COVID19 and boarder lockdowns there are possible delays with shipping. Unclogd will do its best to ensure your orders arrive in ample time. Unfortunately, this is out of our control. Thank you for understanding. 
What do i do if i have an item missing from my order?
If you have received your Unclogd delivery, and you have a missing item(s) from your order please follow the following steps:
- Double check your confirmation email to make sure you purchased the item. If you can see that you were, proceed to the next step:
- Check that your shipping email contains confirmation that your item was shipped. If your order confirmation states that the product was ordered and paid for, please refer to our product availability FAQ. 
Check that all the parcels in your order have been delivered. Some parcels may have been shipped separately. This will be available in your shipping update email. If none of the above apply we would advise you to contact our Customer Care info@unclogd.com
How do i track my delivery?
You can track each parcel separately using the links provided in your dispatch confirmation email. Unclogd use AusPost for domestic shipping and DHL for international shipping. 
I have not received my order confirmation, did my order go through?
Due to the high order volume of some of our products, order confirmation emails may be delayed. Please contact our customer service team info@unclogd.com if you have not received your confirmation email after 24 hours of your purchase.
I am an international customer; are  customs and taxes included in my shipping?
Items shipped outside of Australia are subject to international duties and taxes. These fees are not covered in the cost of your order, or shipping. 
What if the product arrives damaged, or incorrect?
In the event your product arrives damaged, or the incorrect product has been shipped, you must notify us within 24 hours of receiving your order for refund or replacement. Whilst we do our utmost to make sure your products are packaged with due care and the correct protective assurance, a damaged box and/or outer is not considered a faulty product.
Please take clear and descriptive photos as proof of the damage in-order for our team to correctly assess your case and issue a refund or replacement product. Please see our shipping faqs to review our returns protocol.
What if I put the wrong delivery address in? 
You will need to contact Auspost with your tracking information and ask to redirect the package. Please contact Auspost HERE or call on 137 678. 

Product Availability 

How do i find out about upcoming launches and restocks?
Be the first to know about new products, restocks and promotions by subscribing to our mailing list. 
Unclogd makes every effort to ensure that all of the products we feature are in stock and ready to ship.
In the event that an item becomes out of stock after your order is submitted, any additional items ordered will be shipped out to you, and the remaining product/products will be shipped as soon as they are made available. A separate email will be sent notifying you of expected delivery timelines. Once your product/products have been shipped you will be sent an email containing tracking information. Due to the high demand of our products, payment for the out of stock product will be charged, and your order will be placed on our high priority waitlist, ensuring you are one of the first to receive the product once it is back in stock.
If you do not wish to pay for the out of stock item, simply review the items in your shopping cart, remove the item, and proceed to checkout for your remaining items (if any). 
What do I do if the product I want is sold out? 
You will be notified of restock and notified immediately when available. However, first in best dressed. 
How do I return my item for a refund?
If you would like to return your item for a refund,  send us an email at info@unclogd.com and we will be able to help you with that.
What happens if I forgot to add my discount code? 
Unfortunately, we can not alter payments or offer any type of refund to mimic that of a discount. Please be diligent when checking out your cart and fill all information in correctly. 
Can I buy the product in-store? 
coming soon.