Step-by-step guide to laminating

How to lift your brows at home aka DIY Brow Lamination

Lockdown is a great time to learn how to keep your eyebrows in check by giving them a Brow Lift at home. It manages unruly eyebrows and gives thin eyebrows a fuller appearance. And it’s suitable for anyone. 


Cleanse eyebrows thoroughly before the treatment to get rid of any make-up, natural oils etc. You don’t need to remove Cleanser with water.



Use the styling glue to hold hairs in the direction you want your brow hairs to go.




Quickly cover the whole eyebrow with a sufficient layer of lifting lotion – the thicker the lotion layer the more efficiently it works. The direction of brow hairs is not important at this stage, just cover the brow as quickly as possible. Cover with cling film to speed up and strengthen processing.



Shape the brows as desired immediately after application of the fixing lotion.

First brush all hairs up at the following angles for maximum effect: 90° / 75° / 45° / 0°. Then make the top of the eyebrow cleaner by brushing the hairs to the side.

Apply fix lotion to the brows. Cover with cling wrap.




Sometimes your brows will lighten with the solution. this is where you can tint your brows ensuring the shape will not be tampered with.

As the brow hairs are already chemically treated, the exposure time for the chemical tint is shorter than normal for the desired outcome.



Shape the brows as desired using the keratin boosting serum. this will keep your brows healthy and nourished after your treatment.


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